Grown up in Florence, though born in a tiny village in Maremma in beautiful Tuscany to a family of strong Tuscan tradition, she developed a deep feeling for art and a countryside landscape shaped by harmonious interaction between nature and human activity. She is an active person by temperament, keen on sports and novelties. In her young age she was a speleologist with the CAI (Club Alpino Italiano) group of Florence, then a rock-climber before starting to greatly enjoy skiing, as she still does. Tennis was also a long practiced sport and so were (and are) swimming, snorkeling and sailing, all of which quite common for a Mediterranean inhabitant. At the professional level she was soon fascinated by “production” and needs' satisfaction (from the subsistence ones to the enjoyment of a piece of art) and by “rules” which make a civil society to flourish. Studying and inquiring into these themes was what first attracted her to read economics at university and then to pursue her academic career in the field of public sector economics. She very much enjoyed teaching in several universities such as Bergamo, Florence, Pescara and Rome, as she considered very important to experience different environments from which one derives new stimuli and sometimes real challenges. She is married with two children. She likes small and large felines.